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7 deadly sins (continued)...

We are all guilty of it slacking off at one point or another. How many times have you not gone to the gym because you were preoccupied doing something else. How much time did you spent daydreaming instead of doing you're work? How many times have you called in sick?

Humans today are more inclined to be lazy. Our ancestors couldn't. They were busy surviving in a world that was very threatening and hard to reach resources. On the other hand, humans today are not busy surviving, but busy thriving for the pursuit of luxury, since our basic needs are easily obtained.

As you can see humans today have a better lifestyle than any of our ancestors did in the past. Our early ancestors resources were scarce and unpredictable, so they had to conserve as much of the resources as possible in order to survive. There were so many threats, such as starvation,predators, drastic climate changes and now we have evolved to the point where we can get the most out of something the easiest way possible.

In our day and age we have plentiful resources and few threats. We don't have to worry about a hungry ferocious lion attacking us.

In today's day and age we have been able to thrive beyond our wildest dreams because of technology as long as we had self-control and willpower. Our ancestors did not have much time to think or plan for long term because they were busy surviving.

Perhaps why some people are lazy/unmotivated is because they  still feel these primitive tendencies to not react unless our lives are on the line because they are so used to immediate stimulation and at the moment distractions that planning and carrying out goals for the future is hard to carry out for them. 

Greed is highly responsible for the the downfall of our economy. What is greed? Greed is the excessive desire to acquire or  posses more than one needs or deserves that can negatively affect their and others outcome/quality of life. 

What is greed responsible for in our country according to an article I read at

  • " rush tax cuts that has given money to the rich and taken away from the poor 

  • led to immigration policy in which hundreds of poor men and women die every year as they struggle across the desert for jobs that the northe promises them.

  • accounts for the efforts to take profitability out of the pensions and  health insurance of working men and women.

  • Is responsible for the fact that so many Americans have no health insurance and the fact that the reform of medicare was a fraud.

  • causes newspapers to overestimate their circulation

What drives us to become greedy? How did it come about?
Our ancestors like us competed against one another to come out on top. The difference between them and us is that our ancestors competed against one another to survive, meet their basic needs. We compete for desires(luxury). that have gone out of control. We desire more than necessary. 

It seems people today are getting more greedy because we have times to and our primitive ancestors did not have the time for such luxuries because they were too busy surviving.

What is lust?
Lust is an overbearing craving for sex.

Are you guilty of the sin of lust?
 Take the lust test and find out.

Where did lust come from? 
It originated from our primitive ancestors and we possibly developed is through nature and/or nurture.

When did lust originate?
Ever since humans have engaged in sexual intercourse humans have developed the capacity to feel pleasure when engaging in sex. 

Why humans are lustful?
 The need to pass on our genes, so that are kind will prevail.

How humans are lustful?
Lust can be consummated through fornication,adultery,incest,rape, and sodomy.

What is pride?
Pride is the excessive self love to the point where you neglect others.

Where did pride originate?
From our primitive  ancestors who passed it along by nature and/or nurture.

When did pride originate?
Ever since we have accumulated  and cherished certain things that valued our self-worth.

Why did pride develop?
Possibly because our primitive ancestors lived in a deadly environment whey they had to remain the strongest so they had to obtain the most resources to defend themselves and show off their potential to intruders,so as to deter them from trying to invade territory or take over their resources.

How did pride develop?
Pride manifested probably from selfishness, you are so in love with yourself you are unable  to see other peoples needs or your needs. Which, in essence would make society crumble, since we are social animals and need to work as a team to survive and pride gets in the way of that. 

For instance have you ever heard of the tale of Narcissus?

Narcissus is about a beautiful young man who's fate would be death unless he "would live to an old age if he did not look at himself" according to  what Tiresias the seer told his parents the river God Cephissus and the nymph Liriop. However, Narcissus fell to his unfortunate fate because of his vanity. Many nymph girls fell in love with him, but he rejected all of them. One of them was a nymph called Echol, who was so hurt by his rejection she secluded herself from the world and disappeared only leaving a mournful whisper.Subsequently, the goddess Nemesis heard the rejected girls prayers for vengeance and planned to have Narcissus fall in love with his own reflection. Inevitably, he was so in love with himself that he fell in the water,drowned and died. 

What is wrath?

Wrath is a strong, stern fierce anger that results in punishment or vengeance upon another person.

Where did wrath come from?

Wrath originated from the concept "fight of flight response" which is our bodies innate response that prepared our body to "fight" or "flee" from a perceived attack,harm,or threat to our survival.

When was wrath developed?
Ever since there has been someone or something that has contact with us in some form, primitive ages.

How did wrath develop?
When our fight or flight response is activated, sequence of nerve firing  occur and chemicals like adrenaline and non-adrenaline and cortisol are released into the bloodstream,which speed the heart rate,slowing digestion,shunting bloodily to major muscle groups, general effect on sphin center of the liberation of nutrients for muscular action,dilation of blood vessels for muscles,inhibition of zacrimonial gland,and salivation, dilation of pupils, relaxation of bladder, evacuation of colon, inhibition of erection,auditory exclusion,tunnel vision, acceleration of instantaneous reflexes and effecting other automatic nervous functions that give the body a burst of energy or strength.

Originally the "fight or flight" response was to enable us to physically fight or run away when faced with a threatening animal, now modern day times we use it in situations such as traffic, or a stressful day at work. Too much of perceived stress called chronic stress can cause damage to the body as opposed to the relaxation response.

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